Cristiano Ronaldo Goodbye to European Football: Praise for Saudi League

In a recent statement, Cristiano Ronaldo firmly shut the door on the possibility of returning to European football, expressing his contentment with his current team, Al Nassr. The legendary footballer also praised the Saudi Arabian League, asserting its superiority over America’s Major League Soccer (MLS) and predicting an influx of top players to the desert kingdom.

Cristiano Ronaldo Al Nassr Journey

Cristiano signed Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr until 2025
Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo joined Al Nassr in December 2022. Ronaldo signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Al-Nassr. The move came after a tumultuous departure from Manchester United, and Ronaldo feels his choice has paved the way for other high-profile players to consider the Saudi Arabian League as a viable option.

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No Return to Europe

  • Ronaldo firmly stated that he has no intentions of playing for any European club in the future.
  • Ronaldo is now 38 years old. He thinks to start afresh in his football career.

European Football Decline

  • Expressing his candid opinion, Ronaldo mentioned that most European leagues, except the Premier League, have experienced a decline in quality.
  • He credits the English Premier League as the only league that continues to maintain its standard.

Praising the Saudi Arabian League


Ronaldo compared the Saudi Arabian League favorably to America’s MLS, where his long-time rival, Lionel Messi, has chosen to play for Inter Miami until 2025. According to Ronaldo, the Saudi league offers a superior footballing experience, attracting top players from across the globe.

Saudi Arabia’s Footballing Attraction

Ronaldo’s arrival in the Saudi Arabian League sparked a trend of high-profile players joining the league.


Ronaldo’s move to Al Nassr marks the end of his European football journey. He confidently asserted that he will not return to any European club. His high praise for the Saudi Arabian League and its potential to attract other top players signals a promising future for football in the desert kingdom. As Ronaldo continues to make his mark in the Saudi league, fans worldwide will eagerly watch how the landscape of football evolves with the migration of these footballing icons.

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