Jawan Box Office Day 12: Jawan Nears Rs 900 Crore Worldwide

Jawan Nears Rs 900 Crore Worldwide: Shahrukh Khan’s latest movie, ‘Jawaan,’ is creating waves with each passing day. The box office refuses to wane, and the film is tantalizingly close to joining the ₹900 crore club. Move over, Gadar 2, ‘Jawaan’ is on a mission to shatter records, including that of Shahrukh Khan’s own blockbuster, ‘Pathan.’

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‘Jawan’ box office collection Day 14

‘Jawan’ by Shah Rukh Khan is a big hit. The movie crossed the Rs 900 crore mark, and its march toward the Rs 1,000 crore milestone has started.

The ‘Jawaan’: Jawan Nears Rs 900 Crore Worldwide

jawan 1

Shahrukh Khan’s cinematic magic, combined with a gripping storyline, has sent fans into a frenzy. ‘Jawaan‘ isn’t just breaking records; it’s smashing them like a Hulk-sized birthday cake! Here’s a snapshot of the excitement:

  • Box Office Triumph: ‘Jawaan‘ has amassed a staggering ₹883.68 crore worldwide. The production house, Red Chillies Entertainment, dropped this bombshell on their official Instagram page. Hold onto your seats; ‘Jawaan’ is just a stone’s throw away from crossing ₹900 crore!
  • Pathan in the Rearview Mirror: Rumor has it that ‘Jawaan’ is set to outshine Shahrukh Khan’s own ‘Pathan‘ and might even march past the ₹1,000 crore mark.

India’s Love Affair with ‘Jawaan’

‘Bollywood ka Jawaan’ isn’t just a global phenomenon; it’s causing fireworks in India too. The film has made it to the ₹500 crore club in the country. It’s only been 13 days since its release! According to the experts at Sacknilk, the film is expected to pocket an additional ₹13 crore on the 13th day. If that happens, ‘Jawaan‘ will gracefully flaunt a ₹506.38 crore total collection.

OTT Debut on the Horizon

Shah Rukh Khan Jawan
Shah Rukh Khan Jawan

The excitement doesn’t stop at the box office; ‘Jawaan’ is all set to make its OTT debut! Directed by the visionary Atlee, the film initially graced theaters in a 2-hour 45-minute version. But wait for it – the OTT release promises an extended 3-hour 15-minute cut.


Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’ is rewriting the Bollywood rulebook, one record at a time. Fans eagerly waiting for its OTT debut, we can only wonder where ‘Jawaan’ will take us next on this thrilling cinematic journey.

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