2024 Sports Terminology MCQ Question Answers for Competitive Exams

Sports Terminology: Sports have an extensive vocabulary full of specialized terms and jargon that may seem like a foreign language to newcomers. However, learning common sports terminology can greatly enhance one’s understanding and enjoyment of different athletic competitions. So we have provided 20 Sports Terminology MCQ Question Answers for Competitive Exams. Check your knowledge of Sports Terminology and enrich your knowledge.

Sports TerminologyMCQ Question Answers for Competitive Exams

MCQ Sports Terminology

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In basketball, what is a "fast break"?

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What does "grand slam" mean in baseball?

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What is "offside trap" in soccer?

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What does "MVP" stand for in sports?

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In golf, what is a "bogey"?

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What is a "corner kick" in soccer?

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What does "full count" mean in baseball?

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What is a "hat-trick" in soccer?

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What does "deuce" mean in tennis?

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What is "free throw" in basketball?

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In baseball, what does "bunt" mean?

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What is a "double fault" in tennis?

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What does "knockout" mean in boxing?

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In cricket, what does "LBW" stand for?

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What is "slam dunk" in basketball?

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In soccer, what does "offside" refer to?

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What does "backhand" mean in tennis?

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What is a "birdie" in golf?

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In basketball, what does "dribbling" refer to?

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What does "ace" mean in tennis?

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A Guide to Sports Terminology

Each sport boasts its own unique vocabulary, reflecting its rules, strategies, and equipment. Let’s explore some popular examples:

MCQ Sports Terminology
MCQ Sports Terminology

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  • Basketball: From “alley-oop” (a high pass for a dunk) to “traveling” (taking too many steps with the ball), understanding basketball lingo unlocks the nuances of dribbling, passing, and scoring.
  • Football: Whether it’s a “blitz” (an all-out rush at the quarterback) or a “Hail Mary” (a long, desperation pass), knowing football terminology helps you appreciate the intricate plays and defensive schemes.
  • Baseball: ⚾️ From the crack of the “bat” to the “outfield fly,” baseball terminology paints a vivid picture of stolen bases, home runs, and dazzling catches.
  • Soccer: ⚽️ From the thrilling “goal” to the strategic “offside” rule, understanding soccer terminology allows you to appreciate the beautiful game’s fluidity and tactics.

Some other Terminology

  • Slang: Each sport has its own colorful slang, adding personality and humor to the conversation. For example, in basketball, a “brick” is a missed shot, while in baseball, a “duster” is a home run.
  • Historical References: Understanding the history of a sport enriches your appreciation of its terminology. Knowing that “slam dunk” originated in the 1930s adds depth to its modern usage.
  • International Variations: Many sports have international variations with unique terminology. For example, in cricket, a “six” is a home run, while in rugby, a “try” is similar to a touchdown.

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Sports Terminologies
Sports Terminologies

Tips for the Terminology

  • Immerse Yourself: Watch games, listen to commentary, and read articles to absorb the lingo naturally.
  • Embrace the Journey: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Fellow fans and experts are happy to help a newcomer learn the ropes.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Use the terms you learn in conversation and discussions, solidifying your understanding.

The Rewards of Fluency:

Understanding sports terminology is more than just knowing fancy words:

  • Deepening Your Understanding: You’ll grasp the nuances of plays, strategies, and officiating decisions.
  • Connecting with Fellow Fans: Shared language fosters a sense of community and belonging.
  • Appreciating the History and Culture: Terminology reflects the evolution and cultural significance of each sport.

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Sports Terminology

General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers
General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

Key Types of Sports Terms

Rules and Fouls

  • “Out”, “strike”, “foul”, “penalty”, “offside”, “traveling” etc.
  • Types of fouls like “personal”, “technical”, “flagrant”, “misconduct”


  • Basketball – point guard, power forward
  • Hockey – goaltender, defenseman
  • Baseball – pitcher, catcher


  • Helmets, pads, bats, rackets, goals
  • Equipment tech terms like “box lacrosse”, “composite stick”


  • General stats like points, rebounds, yards
  • Sport-specific stats like OPS, QB rating, plus-minus

Strategy and Tactics

  • Zone defense, full-court press
  • Pick and roll, read option
  • Forechecking, trap

Sports Actions

  • Slam dunk, header, deke, ace serve, knockout

Conclusion: Sports Terminology

Sports terminologies empower participants, fans, coaches, and commentators to better dissect and engage with athletics. Don’t be intimidated by the jargon. Mastering even basic sports terminology unlocks a richer viewing experience. With context for the rules, positions, equipment, stats, strategy and style of play, sports become even more meaningful and enjoyable. Keep studying sports vocab, and you’ll feel like a lifelong fan in no time!

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