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Lionel Messi makes his long-awaited debut for Inter Miami, leaving fans buzzing with excitement.

1. Lionel Messi's long-awaited debut      for Inter Miami turns into a dream start for the soccer superstar.

lionel messi

1. The excitement among fans reaches      a fever pitch as they witness Messi's first appearance in the team's      colors.

3. Inter Miami's stadium is packed with enthusiastic spectators eager to see the Argentine legend in action.

1. Messi makes an immediate impact      on the game, showcasing his trademark dribbling skills and precise passes.

inter miami

The chemistry between Messi and his new teammates is evident, as they create numerous scoring opportunities.

lionel messi

6. In the first half, Messi finds the back of the net with a stunning goal, sending the crowd into raptures.

messi aiming

7. The opposing team struggles to contain Messi's brilliance as he effortlessly glides past defenders.

Inter Miami's coach praises Messi's professionalism and influence on the team.