Box Office Sensation

"Jawan," an action-packed drama film starring Shahrukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi, has set the box office on fire.

Impressive Week One

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The film raked in a staggering INR 630 crore in just seven days of release.

Global Success

"Jawan" amassed a worldwide collection of INR 631.00 crore within a week, emphasizing its international appeal.

Indian Gross

The Indian box office contributed approximately INR 415.00 crore to the film's success.

Solid Start

The movie earned INR 206.00 crore in India during the first six days of its release.

Week One Decline

On the 7th day, collections dipped to INR 32.92 crore, showcasing a decrease in earnings.

Day 8 Figures

The film garnered INR 26 crore on the 8th day, bringing the total to INR 345.08 crore in these eight days

Regional Breakdown

"Jawan" found substantial success in Hindi-speaking areas (Rs 66 cr) and also made an impact in Tamil (Rs 5 cr) and Telugu (Rs 3.5 cr) regions.

Occupancy Rates

Evening shows witnessed a strong 71.05 percent occupancy, while night shows reached an impressive 81.60 percent.

Star-Studded Cast

With Shahrukh in a dual role and prominent South Indian and Bollywood stars, "Jawan" captivates audiences with its stellar ensemble cast.